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Winning at the Real Estate Game


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black-and-white-chess-chessman-2902-524x350Playing the Real Estate Game

Real estate is a tough game, and in property markets like inner cities where the competition is even tougher it’s often referred to as one of those ‘dog-eat-dog’ dynamics. Agents balance selling, building new clientele and prospects for the future and can often spend tedious amounts of time on contracts and paperwork, depending on their support or team structure.

More seasoned agents often have assistants who can help them to effectively manage their time and literally be in many places at once. For newer players, selling property (or anything for that matter) is one of the craziest and most challenging times of their life. It’s rife with ups and downs; first listing, first sale, first rejection, etc. Without support from an assistant, newbs have to learn to handle a lot on their own.

The Science of Successful Selling (for Newbs)


Managing and mastering the task of successfully selling property is a science. Some know all the ins and outs of property contracts, but have a harder time with the salesmanship aspect. Some are fabulously persuasive and entertaining salespeople but lack the attention to detail for correct paperwork. There’s marketing involved, knowledge of business & the economy, interior decoration and presentation skills, sometimes photography skills and even architecture and building knowledge required. But right at the centre of the formula for success is communication. Communication is key. Not just in terms of negotiating but when playing the role of the ‘agent’, you’re in the middle of a number of parties involved and must make all ends meet.

no-more-missed-calls-thumbnailThe Solution

This is where an app like PPLCONNECT can be a support system, particularly for newer agents who need to work harder for their success, and to build early momentum. One of the best things about this app is that it’s not an expensive enterprise product – it’s an app on the Google Play store, to streamline your communications and help you be more productive, in the same camp as apps like Evernote for example. You don’t have to buy it and you don’t have to ask your sales manager permission to use it (but they would definitely appreciate you sharing it with them and the rest of the team!).

How & When?

PPLCONNECT is an Android app free to download. It lets you access your phone on the web, so you can continue your conversations across all your devices. After the app is installed, you can send/receive your SMS, make calls with your phone number and receive live call notifications on your computer, tablet and smartphone. We know as a sales agent you probably have your smartphone glued to one hand and a cup of strong coffee glued to the other, at all times. Then when you’re at the office, there’s usually a computer involved. But what if you didn’t need to switch devices?

PPLCONNECT Web AppWe are aware that you can be working away on your computer, completing a new listing, filling out buyers contracts, etc., and continuously juggling back and forth with your phone as the calls & SMS keep coming in. PPLCONNECT puts your phone on the web, so you can complete all of these tasks simultaneously, and seamlessly on the computer you are working on. This is the element of productivity, especially useful for new agents who need to spend as much of their time prospecting for the future and getting face time with clients/potential clients. To the person on the other end, the call or SMS comes from your phone number as usual. We know that at the end of the day, in your field, you cannot afford to miss a crucial call or SMS from a buyer or seller and PPLCONNECT is here to keep you connected and more productive.

Your time is precious, and PPLCONNECT takes less than 5 minutes to set up. There is no number forwarding, no desktop apps or software to install on your computer – just the smartphone app. Then you can instantly have access to your phone and number from any device by logging in at, including Apple devices, Google tablets, Windows tablets – any device!

Make an OfferYour Next Move

1. Download the PPLCONNECT Android app here
2. Set up your PPLCONNECT account on the app
3. Log in on your computer @

& send your 1st SMS from your computer!

Close the deal faster, with PPLCONNECT

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