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Your SXSW Trend Watchlist

Are you in preparation mode for SXSW 2015? Suitcase is packed? Or maybe you’re already on your way! Well now you can take a breather and read up on some of the interactive trends, apps and technologies that are prepped to lead the pack at this year’s SXSW.

Be on the Look-Out for these Interactive Trends 

1. Many great startups emerging to hack transportation, topics that are trending include:

  • Self-driving cars
  • Alternatively-fueled vehicles
  • Ride-sharing programs

2. Next generation delivery ideas

3. Robot-petting zoo – Why not? Robots are more popular and family friendly

4. Social media focus: the menace of cyber bullying & terrorist organizations

5. Of course The Internet of Things will continue to be hot

6. Finally, we’ll be seeing lots of cool new tech emerging in the health and medical industry: timed with the launch of the SX Health and MedTech Expo will take place this year at SXSW

7. Looking for more meaning in your life. SXgood is a space to interact with tech entrepreneurs, content creators and non-profits and brainstorm new ideas for a brighter future.

8. As always, don’t miss Startup Village – a great place to find the needle in the hay stack

Trending Apps – Try Them & Benefit During SXSW

1. Meerkat – Live Video Stream

Meerkat is already trending with the tech press since its debut on Product Hunt. This free app lets you live-stream video from your smartphone to Twitter at the touch of a button. Tweeting out news breaking events or watching a live feed of a party or musical venue is what you want to do at SXSW.


App available on iPhone

2. Hotel My Phone – Keep Partying Even When Phone Dies

You and your friends download the app together, and when one of you runs out of phone battery, you can temporarily borrow your friend’s phone and use it as your own. You’ll be able to access your contacts, send messages and make calls – all with your number! This is a must, especially for all the SXSW warriors out there, trying to stay connected from dusk till the early morn.

Hotel My Phone SXSW


App available on iPhone & Android

More Notable Technology

Some cool geolocation technology and tools will be deployed at SXSW, namely iBeacon – a low-powered blue-tooth emitter, that with widespread use during this year’s SXSW. The iBeacon communicates with your smartphone based on the physical space you are in and sends you site-specific messages. SXSW is going to be deploying about 1,000 iBeacons in venues across Austin this year, keeping you and your friends more up to date on all kinds of festival information.

SXSW Interactive Hotel My Phone App

Happy SXSW 2015!



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