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Startup on the Move

Hey there!

Here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks.

Hotel My Phone continues to top the App Charts

Growing in popularity and increasingly being referred to as a no-brainer -the Hotel My Phone app is becoming a go to for anyone who has ever feared forgetting their phone or running out of battery. Plus, the app is starting to be used by international travelers looking to save on roaming (tip: if you’re visiting a friend abroad, leave your SIM plugged in at home and borrow your friend’s phone).

Hotel My Phone product image

We <3 Improvement

You may have noticed some various small improvements. That’s because we want to make the app killer. We’ve been listening & learning from your feedback. We’ve also started working with various focus groups to improve the app even more. Because we <3 constant improvement!

T-Dot (aka Toronto)

We just came back from a very busy week in Toronto, where we were invited by Futurepreneur and the Spin Master Innovation Fund (for all the startups out there, they are now taking applicants for the next cohort). Here, we focused on great mentorship and networking meetings. Moreover, we’ve been spending a lot of time in investment and new partnership discussions.. The wheels are in motion…… more to follow on this in the coming weeks.

Speaker’s Corner

We continue to be involved in startup talks of all shapes and sizes. Last week Jenviev was a panelist on the Futurepreneur Startup Growth panel, along side Obby Khan & Kevin Alto and lead by Janice McDonald.

Hotel My Phone Jenviev Azzolin


Catch Jenviev & Denzil presenting at C2Mtl this coming May 27th!

And stay tuned for more great news


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