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Hotel My Phone Startup Pitches C2Mtl

Welcome to our startup amusement park!

Yesterday, we were invited to pitch at C2Mtl & that we did! In a “chapiteau” filled with investors, entrepreneurs and creative-minded individuals, Co-Founders Denzil D’Sa & Jenviev Azzolin presented a break-through new app called Hotel My Phone. This app solves a common problem we all face…… the fear of not having access to our phone. Common situations like (fell free to check all that apply):

  • Dead phone battery
  • Forgot your phone
  • Traveling with roaming fees

Hotel My Phone solves this by letting you temporarily borrow a friend’s phone to use it as your own. When you and a friend download the app together, you can then temporarily check-in on their phone, access your contacts, send/receive messages, make calls with your number & check-out, without any of your information left on their device.  S-W-E-E-T!

Wanna learn more, watch the full demo here

Try the App for iPhone & Android

And thank you to C2Mtl, Capital Innovation and the BDC for giving us this great opportunity and for shinning the spotlight on innovative new startups.


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