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Oh hai! Thx for joining us on the PPLCONNECT blog.

We are a young, diverse and extremely passionate team, responsible for building PPLCONNECT (the world’s first Virtual Smartphone). Our goal is to give people access to their phone from any device, without having to change or transfer their phone number. This means, users can send/receive their SMS on a computer, call from a tablet, even login on a friend’s phone and access their Calls/SMS. We are the only app that brings together regular SMS as well as free messaging, all in 1 simple app, letting you reach all your contacts (whether they are on PPLCONNECT or not). Interested? You can download the Android app here:

Now that we have tooted our own trumpet a little … it’s important to know that the purpose of this blog is to not only share more on PPLCONNECT and help you optimize your communications, but also to share valuable content specially curated for business minded people.

We want to help you become the best corporate ninja you can be. You can expect to find information on productivity, running a business, tech and innovation, and more!

Our expertise lies in Business & Marketing, Mobile/Web Development, Design and Innovation. We are a lean and efficient team, with a healthy disregard for “the impossible” and a passion for building big ideas.

We hope you love the content you find here. Join in the discussion by posting comments and sharing your point of view with us, and keep us posted on anything you would like us to include in future posts.

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