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Video Tutorial: New Phone? Change Primary Device!

This tutorial is for existing PPLCONNECT users (we heart you!) who have a new phone (yay!). This video is timed nicely with all of the awesome new Android phones recently released, and with the holiday season approaching.

WTH is a ‘Primary Device Link’?

So glad you asked! The link between the PPLCONNECT account and the primary smartphone is very important. We launched PPLCONNECT to allow Android users to experience true cross-device continuity, and to do this, the most up-to-the-minute information from the phone needs to be synced. So when you get a new phone, that critical link needs to be established.

Further, since you can install the PPLCONNECT app on both Android smartphones and tablets – PPLCONNECT needs to know which device is the primary device, and which is the secondary device, for syncing purposes. The primary device will always be the smartphone, which has a SIM card. The secondary device is the tablet, which often won’t have a SIM. On the secondary device you are accessing, using and interacting with synced information from the primary device. You can check the link status on either device at any time by going into the PPLCONNECT app menu > settings > primary device link.

What to do When You Get Your New Phone

1. Install the PPLCONNECT app.
2. Log in with your existing PPLCONNECT account credentials (no need to sign up for a new account)
3. You’ll land on a screen prompting you to set the new phone as primary device (you’re welcome!). Follow the prompts.

Accidentally went past this screen? Simply swipe left from the home or ‘Connect’ screen as we call it. If ever you want to check on the device link, go to Menu > Settings > Primary Device Link.

We’re Here for You

If you need any assistance with changing your primary device, or any other aspect of using PPLCONNECT you can shoot us an email anytime – we’re here to help! Email our team.

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Unveiling PPLCONNECT Demo Video

Curious about how PPLCONNECT works? Here’s your chance to experience it fully through a live demo video unveiling its sweet features!

See how you can send and receive your SMS on your PC or Mac and how we use it throughout our day at work (yes, we are users too!). Enjoy the demo below & be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments. If you scroll down we’ve also added a written summary “A Day in the Life of PPLCONNECT”. Enjoy!

A Day in the Life – PPLCONNECT!

Switching between devices all day can be disruptive, and just plain messy! We show you all the different things you can do with PPLCONNECT across your devices. Here’s how to simplify your digital life and increase your productivity.


1. Install the app from Google Play. Open the app, create a password & click next. That’s it!
2. When you arrive in the app, it will prompt you to go to a computer to start sending SMS.
3. On your computer go to & log in with the password you set in the app.

Log in on a Computer – Send an SMS!

Now you can see your fully-synced SMS inbox, and send/receive messages with anybody! View your full contact list and a ‘Timeline’ which shows your missed calls, received SMS, new PPLCONNECT contacts and more.

Get Notified

Now you can carry on with your work on the computer, just leave PPLCONNECT open on a tab in the background, and receive live pop-up notifications for incoming calls & SMS. It’s so fast and easy to reply with a bigger screen and keyboard! You can even pin conversations to keep them even more easily accessible.

Work Hands-free – Call from Your Computer!

Got a missed call? When you have time to come back to it, just click the missed call in the Timeline. PPLCONNECT will launch a call back to that person, straight from the browser! Pop your microphone-enabled headphones in if you have some, and you can chat away ‘hands-free’ while continuing to work if you wish. You can also chat freely without headphones depending on your environment.

Receive Your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages too

Don’t want to keep checking WhatsApp and Messenger? Just let PPLCONNECT notify you right on the screen when you get new message app notifications. That way you’re in the loop without having to lift a finger! Here’s how.

Continue the Conversation on your Phone

When you leave work at the end of the day, all your conversations will be already synced with the native SMS app on your phone. You can continue these conversations seamlessly on your phone when leaving your computer.

Tablet Time

For those of us who have a tablet, it’s the perfect evening and weekend device! Whether it’s Saturday morning with a coffee or hanging out on the couch after a long day of work (probably online shopping!) you’ll be able to see all your SMS, calls & other messaging app notifications in the web browser.

We’ve been creating video tutorials for all of our PPLCONNECT features as we roll them out, a full playlist of which you can find here at our YouTube Channel.

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Video Tutorial: Initiate a Call from a Computer to your Phone

PPLCONNECT now lets you initiate a call on your phone from your computer. Woot! Woot!

PPLCONNECT already lets you call from a computer, with your phone number. Now you can also ‘transfer a call’ from your computer over to your phone. This is sure to come in handy, especially when you are working on your computer, need to start a call and be on the go.

To initiate a call from your computer over to your handset, simply:

1. Go to: (your PPLCONNECT login)

2. Select the contact you want to Call

3. Start a regular PPLCONNECT Call and then Click ‘Transfer to your Phone’

This feature is currently only available as the call is being initiated, so be sure to transfer the call immediately to your phone.

Check out the video tutorial below to see how this is done.

Using your phone on a computer is awesome. This latest feature lets you do even more. Yeah!

Click here to download PPLCONNECT & click here for a tutorial on getting set up.


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Video Tutorial: Enable Other App Notifications on Desktop

We just released a new feature that lets you receive all your favourite messaging app notifications live in PPLCONNECT. That’s right, all the notifications from the apps you love on your phone, right on your desktop! If you’re like us and have many communication apps, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. you know how useful it will be to now have all your app notifications live on your computer in PPLCONNECT.

By aggregating notifications from all your favourite apps and bringing them to the PPLCONNECT web-client, we are essentially a desktop dashboard for your phone. In the dashboard you can already access & use your phone, with your phone number on any device. It’s now arguably the simplest way to push your other messaging app notifications from your phone to your computer. Now while you’re working away on your computer you’ll be able to know if your friends are sending you Whatsapp messages, Snapchats, Twitter and Viber messages and more. Even Instagram notifications on desktop are going to be surprisingly refreshing for people who are big into the photo sharing platform, and for social media managers too (ours is over the moon!). Click here to see the full list of apps we have started pulling notifications for.

The video below shows you first how to enable the notifications on your phone, and then we take you over to the PPLCONNECT dashboard to see some live notifications coming in from Whatsapp as an example. You’ll see the timeline has notifications from Facebook, Twitter and more. Scroll down past the video to see the step by step instructions written.

Click here to download PPLCONNECT, and click here to learn how to get started.

Steps to Enable Other App Notifications

  1. Open the PPLCONNECT app on your Android phone
  2. Select the Menu button (top left, 3 small bars)
  3. Select ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Notifications’
  5. Select ‘Enable/Disable’
  6. Make sure the box next to PPLCONNECT is ticked
  7. Go to on your computer web browser to get your app notifications!



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Hidden Background – World Cup (Updated!)

Hidden Background

What’s more fun than customizing your background? Customizing your background with a secret invisible button! Yeah! We are excited to bring you this background, as it’s the first picture background ever on PPLCONNECT. In time for World Cup, we’ve chosen a kick-ass Cup themed image that reflects the energy and inspiration behind the PPLCONNECT team and branding.

Our user interface is one of the things we are most proud of, and we’ll be writing a separate post on the innovation and genius behind that very soon. For now, here’a quick tutorial on how to find the secret button to change your background.

UPDATE: Welcome to the world – Bora Bora! This is our new picture background, and it’s going to give you a little piece of paradise in your daily grind. We want you to have this pretty background asap, so we didn’t hide it this time (you’re welcome!). Also the button is no longer hidden for the World Cup Background! 

Log in at > go to settings > change colour theme > grab a cocktail & take 5! #paradise

Click here to download PPLCONNECT, and if you’re just getting started here’s our first tutorial video.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.05.56 PM



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Video Tutorial 7: Timeline Feature

Say hello to the PPLCONNECT Timeline feature! Much like the logs section of your phone, the Timeline is a live feed of your phone communications, with the most recent notifications at the top and you can scroll down to see older notifications.

With the Timeline, you’re always in the loop. Even if your phone is in your bag up the other end of the house, or you didn’t bring it into that long afternoon work meeting – you can always log in at on your laptop or tablet. Here you’ll find the Timeline is always displayed inside PPLCONNECT, on the far right hand side of the screen. You’ll be able to see missed calls, outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing SMS and when your phone contacts join PPLCONNECT (hello free SMS with other PPLCONNECT users!).

Fun Facts about the Timeline Feature

  • Shows calls, SMS & new PPLCONNECT contacts – like the ‘log’ section of your phone, but accessible anywhere!
  • HTML5 desktop notifications for incoming SMS (calls soon!)
  • Shows the number of unread notifications at the browser tab level & above the timeline
  • Stay in the loop – Timeline always shows on the right of your PPLCONNECT screen

Here’s a quick tutorial on where to find the Timeline, how it works & you’ll even see a live desktop notification when an SMS is received!

Click here to download PPLCONNECT. If you’re just starting out, here’s our first tutorial on setting up PPLCONNECT!

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PPLCONNECT Video Tutorial 6: How to SMS for Free!

SMS for free with PPLCONNECT! Everyone knows that paying for SMS is becoming a thing of the past – but most free messaging apps only let you SMS other users of the app for free, and furthermore restrict you from communicating with non-users of the app (sad face). We spotted this flaw in the development of the other messaging apps available, and designed PPLCONNECT with the concept of universality in mind. SMS is always going to be the most universal way of communicating via smartphones, but free SMS is cool. And it’s expected. Now you can have both all in one place! #yourewelcome

Now for the important part. How do you make sure you’re sending free SMS in PPLCONNECT? The tutorial video below shows you how to decipher between free + regular SMS inside PPLCONNECT, both on the web (laptop/tablet/smartphone web browser) and on the Android app. Save money on SMS + use your own phone number, on any device? Yes please!

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PPLCONNECT Video Tutorial 5: How to Share with Friends for Free Calling Credits

They say sharing is caring. With PPLCONNECT, sharing is also winning! Right now you can get free calling credits when you share PPLCONNECT with five or more friends. These calling credits will then allow you to make calls with your phone number from any device (um, awesome!).

But why spam your friends? Well, it’s not really spamming in our books. Because they are going to be winners too. When you have your closest friends on PPLCONNECT, not only can you SMS each other for free, but you can SMS each other for free even when your phone battery is dead! Plus, you can also SMS other people who might not be on PPLCONNECT. Those are not free messages, but at least you can have the best of both worlds and be able to communicate with everyone (instead of having 4 messaging apps on your phone).

This video will show you how to easily share PPLCONNECT with five friends, and start calling with your number right away from a computer, tablet or even from a friend’s phone!

Make sure you have PPLCONNECT installed on your phone & linked. Click here if you haven’t done that yet.

Step 1. After logging in to PPLCONNECT on a computer, click ‘Share with Friends’ in the left side menu.

Step 2. Click the button that says ‘Select 5 or more friends now’ below the text.

Step 3. Choose your 5 friends in the box that pops up to the right & send them the SMS invitation!

Now any time you have left your phone at home, or would prefer to use your phone on a computer, you can SMS your friends on PPLCONNECT for free! #freestuffiscool

Additionally if you find yourself out of battery and in a pinch needing to contact someone, you can log in to PPLCONNECT on any web-enabled device through the browser and SMS your PPLCONNECT contacts for free, with your number. Yes, even though your phone is dead!

We are also in the process of developing some epic features around the idea of needing to use your phone when you can’t due to a dead battery or having left it behind. Yep, we’ve got your back. Stay tuned folks!

Click here to download PPLCONNECT.



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PPLCONNECT Video Tutorial 4: Change your Background

In our video tutorial series we’ve been showing you the ropes of PPLCONNECT; how to get set up, how to send an SMS from a computer with your phone number and how to make a call. Now that you’ve learned the basics, our next video is about aesthetics – lets change up the background!

Step 1. Log in to PPLCONNECT in your web browser at (or open the app on your phone)

Step 2. Go to settings in the left side menu.

Step 3. Click colour theme & taste the rainbow!

Fun fact: the grey colour is ideal for blending in at the office! #officeninja

We’ve also been playing around with some new backgrounds that we will bring in later once PPLCONNECT has moved out of beta. We posted some on our Facebook page. Email us and tell us which ones you like, or show us some new ideas!