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An Open Letter to John Legere, T-Mobile Superhero

The People are in Danger – We Need you John

PPLCONNECT T-Mobile John Legere

John, we know you’ve been busy saving people from evil, but the Metropolis is in danger and we need your help.

Last week, as you know, AT&T announced NumberSync, a phone number-based solution to allow users to place calls and texts across multiple devices. This with the caveat that AT&T’s NumberSync will operate solely on the carrier’s wireless network with LTE-connected, registered devices.

This announcement came as no surprise, following the success of Apple’s Continuity service, which also enables users to call and text cross-device, so long as they are using exclusively Apple hardware and running iOS 8 or OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later, and that their devices be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

But wait, people want cross-device freedom. Not to be forced to buy a series of hardware and network subscriptions.

Now, a few hours after AT&T’s announcement and T-Mobile and Sprint declare they too will be working on their own version of the above cross-device continuity.

With users increasingly demanding the ability to continue their smartphone conversations cross-device, why is everyone building their own, limited and closed ecosystem.

How does this serve us, the users?

As your Operating Chief Mike Sievert says, with T-Mobile’s strategy to: “ask customers what they want and need, and then build it.” versus “AT&T’s is to build or buy things, and then try to convince customers they asked for it.”, please consider offering subscribers true, unadulterated smartphone continuity across any and all devices worldwide.

For instance, when a call comes in, it should ring on all the devices a user is logged in to, users should be able to send and receive their SMS straight from a computer, all contacts should be synced cross-device, users should be able to switch between multiple smartphones, etc., and this, regardless of OS, hardware or network.

In a world where we use more and more screens daily, complete cross-device smartphone continuity ensures both users and industry win.

Help is on its Way!

We are a small startup and we have built the easiest and most complete solution for users to continue all their smartphone conversations cross-device. With PPLCONNECT, users can send/receive their SMS, make calls with their phone number, receive live incoming call notifications on a PC, Mac, tablet & smartphone. Plus, PPLCONNECT lets users receive all their other messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, etc. across all their devices.

SMS from Computer, Continuity, NumberSync

  • Send/Receive your SMS from a computer, tablet, smartphone, tv, etc.
  • Switch between multiple smartphones
  • Pop-up notifications on computer when new texts arrive
  • Call with your phone number from a computer
  • Live Call notifications
  • SMS are synced between all devices and your phone’s SMS inbox
  • 100% Free Messaging with other PPLCONNECT users
  • Receive Messaging App Notifications for WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc.
  • Multitask SMS & Calls simultaneously

Best part, all you need is to do is Install the app on your phone. You can then log-in on a computer, tablet, smartphone, TV, etc. right from your browser at:

No Bluetooth, wifi, specific hardware & OS, or even desktop extensions needed. We like to say Super Simple.

SMS from Computer, Continuity, NumberSync

Superpowers for a Superhero

We are writing you as we want to work together, provide you with extra superpowers and make cross-device smartphone continuity a reality for all.

We’d love to talk more, understand your vision for cross-device communications and showcase what our technology can do.

The Bat-signal

We’ll be waiting for your response.

Option 1 – Every Tuesday night, at 11:15PM we will  look up at the Montreal sky, and wait for the beacon light at the top of Place-Ville Marie to change colors to T-Mobile’s Magenta. When it does, we will come join you at 1 Place Ville Marie, Montreal, Québec H3B 2B6.

PPLCONNECT T-Mobile John Legere

Option 2 – Call us at our Canadian mobile number below, because we know you believe in “Mobile without Borders”


We look forward to hearing from you,

Jenviev Azzolin

Co-Founder & Mother of Dragons, PPLCONNECT  / 514-267-9481



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